This isn’t a disclaimer, it’s just common sense… There is absolutely no guarantee of how much money you will make selling ads because it is all up to You! The Numbers below outline the potential monies that can be made with a given Eat Directory if you sell, sell, sell.

The actual amount of money you will make will be directly related to how good you are at sales and how much time you devote to selling… Like anything else in life!

THE NUMBERS BELOW ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING ASSUMPTION: : You sell out the 204 total spots available on an Eat Directory within a one-year period, collecting two 6 month payments with no discounting. Granted, this is a “best case” scenario but it is do-able… Even if you were to discount and trade out, the potential for a very good living is here.

FACT: 204 spots divided by 50 weeks working is Only 4 ads per week that need to be sold!

ANNUAL GROSS INCOME: $158,832 Annual ($13,236 Monthly)
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BREAKDOWN: 144 Restaurant Ad Spots @$59 mo.- 48 Top Restaurant Ad positions (3 in each category) @ $79 mo. – 12 Sponsor Ads @$79 mo.

ANNUAL LEASE FOR WEBSITE: Ambitious $708 / Determined $1908 / Enterprising $5940

ANNUAL GROSS PROFIT: Ambitious $78,708 / Determined $109,274 / Enterprising $152,892

REALITY: A great salesperson can easily manage at least two directories by themselves which could return up to $305,784 in annual Gross Profit. More Directories, More Money.

A bit of Business Startup Reality from
Mark Cuban as told to Inc. Magazine


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