What’s so special about Eat Leasing?

In short it is the most unique self-employment opportunity available today and our directories are more appetizing and more useful than any out there and we’re the first to provide coupons that are at least 15% off favorite restaurants, Guaranteed. If you’re out there selling advertising or anything else for that matter, we offer the first true alternative to business ownership.

With Eat Leasing, you can be totally self-employed for a monthly rental payment instead of committing to an overpriced investment like a typical franchise. We’ll have you up and running in just 3 weeks. You’ll keep 100% of all of your sales*, so do what you do best and leave the rest to us! Take a good look through this website, watch more Q&A below and see why being a Rentrepreneur is better than an Entrepreneur!

* You get to keep 100% of your sales with the ENTERPRISING Plan.


What does my monthly Rental Include?

Your Monthly Rent gives you the exclusive right to use your EatDirectory as if it was your own, but you’re never alone…

We’re there for you for operational advice, marketing support and Graphics questions by phone and email, Monday through Friday.

Your monthly rent also includes hosting and maintenance of your Website. Your Virtual Staff allows you to do what you do best…

Sell! – Leave the rest to us!

You can Rent virtually anything, why not a Business?
Save More Money and Make More Money…
- Sign Me Up!


After signing our agreement, how long before I’m fully up and ready to sell?

We like to say under three weeks. There is the possibility it could be as little as two and as much as four weeks depending on your spot in our development queue. Rest assured though that we are very quick to the task in every regard.

You state that I should put aside at least $4000 for initial marketing. Am I required to invest that amount?

Technically no. We can’t force you to market your new directory but like everything else in this world, you get back what you give. Our marketing guidelines will help you to get your business moving faster but advertising is the lifeblood of any business. The more you invest into advertising the quicker you’ll get this off the ground. Henry Ford said “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

How are Ads created, how quickly do they show up on the site, and how much?

Once you submit your order form to our Ad processing department, your sold Ad appears on your site in less than 48 hours during business days. The price of any Ad setup is a flat $29 and is paid at the time of the ad submission. Your customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Note: You can markup and sell this setup amount but especially in the beginning, we suggest that you include it with the ad sale as a good will gesture.

Can a Customer change their coupon offer?

Yes, as often as they like. For minor changes like a new Offer amount, there is a flat fee of $10. For a coupon re-design, there is a flat fee of $29.
Note: You have the ability to profit from these charges as well by marking them up and re-selling but again, we do not suggest doing so in the beginning. Always treat your advertisers like Gold and you’ll see that Ad Renewals will be easier as a result.

What if my Customer refuses to offer a 15% Discount?

Then they will have to advertise elsewhere. We are the only Restaurant Directory that offers consumers “At Least 15% Off your Favorite Restaurants, Guaranteed” and we want to become known for that. We are the first and presently the only coupon directory that makes this claim. Remember, advertisers can offer any combination that equals 15% off or more… If they don’t want to give 15% off of a total bill, they may consider giving 30% off of a dessert or appetizer. Knowing that they can rely on substantial and reliable discounts is what will drive prospective Diners to regularly visit the Eat Directory before Eating Out!

How will the public become aware of my local Eat Directory?

We are not “Search” Centric, rather we are “Push” Centric. Advertising in local savers, sending out HTML emails, printed coupon flyers that we are just now introducing as a marketing option… Getting the name and benefits out there in every way possible! Joining your local Chamber of Commerce and going to the “socials” will help to get the word out faster. We don’t believe in waiting for the customer to discover us. We need to go to them and keep in front of their eyes always.

What is the extent of your training and support?

We want to Rent our directories to awesome salespeople that already sell coupon ads, pennysaver type ads, and all other types of advertising. Assuming then that your sales experience is there, the only training needed is covered in the operational guidelines that we will provide to you. As for support, you will have unlimited phone and email support that you can count on. We sincerely want to help you in every way possible…

Why should I feel confident to get involved with this opportunity?

Well, there’s really nothing that we can say to fully comfort you, but if you have sales experience you should be able to look at what this is all about and get a pretty good “read” as to its viability and potential. The bottom line is if you’re great at sales, so will your income be…

Can I get involved even if I have no sales experience?

Technically Yes, but we suggest that you hire people that can sell. If you have great salespeople working for you, you’ll make a bit less because you should be paying them well. But they will be bringing in the money, so it’s all good. Duplicate this with multiple cities and you can end up doing very well for yourself.

Can I eventually own my directory?

No, but that’s not bad news because as long as you continue to pay rent, it is exclusively yours to use. Chances are that your Bank “owns” your house and your car, but you get to use them and even call them yours. You can however sell your business at any time after building it up or before. The new “owner” would simply be required to take over the rental payments.

How many directories can I operate?

As many as you have the desire to! You would likely need to hire salespeople and perhaps area managers but it is a fast track to wealth. Talk to any retail franchise owner and they’ll usually say something to the effect of “If you have one location, you’ll make a living. Have multiple locations and you’ll get rich”.

How much can I really make?

That is up to you and directly related to the effort that you devote to your venture. Each directory has the potential to bring in over $150,000.