How Much?



Ok, let’s say you want to start your own Restaurant Coupon Business
to sell Coupon Advertising… There are TWO ways to do it.



A) Come up with a memorable name and a unique business concept.
B) Research and formulate a fitting Domain name and hope it’s not taken.
C) Develop and design a system of marketing and follow through.
D) Devise, design, and print business cards, order insertion forms, brochures, postcards, HTML emails.
E) Contract for the design of a professional website and dependable hosting.
F) Hire a great web design and graphic design team to handle ad designs, updates and site maintenance.
G) Insure that you’ll be able to count on that team and make provisions if in case they leave your employ.
H) Have enough of a cash cushion to cover the many unforeseen expenses that will inevitably crop up.
I) Put aside several months to put everything together and a couple of more for testing, etc.
J) Set up a payment portal and bank account.
K) Put aside at least 6 month’s cushion for office expenses and related overhead.

What we Provide to you for a simple $950 buy in would cost you north of $100,000 to replicate.
2) THE BETTER WAY… Rent Your City’s EAT Coupon Directory… What’s involved:

A) Choose one of the 3 plan options above. (Everything that would have cost you 100K is included and available to you, all done, ready to roll for a low monthly rental)
B) For only $950 you’ll be operational, ready to sell within 3 weeks. You’ll have your website and all personalized, custom, full color marketing materials in your hands. You can begin selling immediately.
C) You’ll only have your low monthly payment. When you sell an Ad, you’ll keep your cut and send us our cut (if any) along with your order. Your customers’ Ad will be online in 24 to 48 hours.
D) Call Us whenever you need us for any advice, we are proud to offer Unlimited Phone and email Support.
E) You will have to set up a way to collect payment and Credit Cards, we recommend PayPal as that service.

It doesn’t get much easier… Call Us at (386) 267-5200 – Let’s get this together and Hit the Ground Running!



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