The 10


They are personable, likeable, compassionate, and have a sense of humor in general and about themselves.

They have an amazing amount of Selling experience, preferably in Advertising Sales but this is also for those people that refuse to hear the word “No”. They are actually Salespeople, they just don’t realize it! Ironically, (Because these are Restaurant Directories) some of the best candidates for self-employment in the sales arena for example are Restaurant Servers… whether they realize it or not, they Sell every day they work! A Server has a great chance of personal Success as a Rentrepreneur.

They realize that there is rarely if ever “overnight success”. They realize that true success is cultivated. A good work ethic and basic stick-to-itiveness are what ultimately brings wealth no matter what you do. The beginning months of starting a new business are a mix of pure excitement and often anxiety of the unknown… Funny enough, these make a very energetic cocktail.

They are between the ages of 27 and 60. This does not mean that success with an Eat Directory can’t be attained by those younger or older… Anyone can do this; The outlined ages are simply a suggestion of the optimum window for most to start their own business. We only need to remember that Colonel Sanders started KFC at age 65 with only $105. allocated to his start-up!

They have digested the opportunity completely, researched the EatLeasing website thoroughly, have asked all the questions on their mind, realize the potential and acknowledge the downsides. They are ready to give it 110%.

They understand that one EatDirectory can earn them a comfortable living but envision that multiple Eat Directories can make them Wealthy.

They embrace Customer Objection and the word “No” in Sales as merely an opportunity to Sell that customer at a later date!

They care about their customers and equally care about the users of the Eat Directory and care for example that the expiration date of all Coupons that appear on the website are current.

They are sufficiently organized. They keep track of their customers and their renewals properly.

They are Customer Service Ninjas. They realize that Nothing, absolutely Nothing will insure Advertising Re-Ups more than establishing a wonderful relationship with their customers.