YOU SELL ADS, day in, day out. You’re Good at what you do… You earn a living; you might even love your job. You’ve already proven you’re good at sales, maybe even great… Isn’t it time you call the shots and become your own boss? What we offer is not delusions of grandeur, it is not fantasy… It’s really simple… If you are great at selling advertising, we have a great product for you to sell and the earning potential is very attractive.

An EAT Directory is a Groundbreaking Ad Sales model designed to cater to Restaurants and unlike anything out there. We’re new, we’re hungry, and you can get in on the ground floor with a small initial investment and a low monthly payment.

In three weeks or less, we’ll have your personalized Local EAT directory online and ready for sales. You will have in your possession all of the materials you’ll need to go out and sell, sell, sell… Your primary mission? Sell the Ad, collect the money, and fill out the order form, we take it from there. The ad you sell will be custom designed and uploaded to your Local EAT website in 24 to 48 hours (Holidays a tad longer). We become Your Ad fulfillment house, your production staff, your webmaster, your consultant, and your team mates.

We will give you everything that you need to make this happen. Your Website and Sales Materials will be Top Notch and you’ll receive Dedicated Support because when you do well, so do we! The truth is that if you are seeking self-employment, any business that you “buy into” will be successful if you commit to yourself to make it successful but it also has to be a good product and a good system. With an Eat Directory you’ll have an unprecedented head start on your road to financial independence.

In reality, people will be buying “YOU” … You are the established Brand and we want to partner with that! Business is always more fun when everyone involved is making money…


If you sell Advertising, there isn’t a better
Self-Employment Opportunity than Eat Leasing”


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