YOU SELL ADS, day in, day out. You’re Good at what you do.
You earn a living; you might even love your job… But what if you could do everything that you’ve already proven you’re capable of and call all of the shots?

Delusions of Grandeur? Not at all, just a simple reality.

An EAT Directory is a Great Ad Sales model designed to cater to Restaurants and unlike anything out there. We’re new, we’re hungry, and you can get in on the ground floor with only a low monthly payment and no credit qualifying.

You’ll have your own Local EAT directory. We’ll act as your fulfillment house, your production staff, your webmaster, your team mates. We’ll give you everything that you’ll need to make this happen, your product will be top notch, and your support will be flawless…
The rest is You!

You’ll be up and running in about two weeks and your business image will exude professionalism and stability. Add in Your Sales Talent and Success is imminent…

Let’s be realistic, people don’t buy the Ads that you’re selling, what they’re buying is YOU. You are the established Brand and we want to partner with that!

Click here to see an example of an EAT Directory.

All of the Sales Income Goes to You Directly.
No more Commissions, No more Quotas…