The Potential



The amount of Business Opportunities and Franchises out there will make your head spin, but how many are custom tailored to what you already do and what you’re already good at?

How many offer you an opportunity that is ready to roll in three weeks for a low monthly payment with No Qualifying?
Your “Buy in” is a mere $950.

We give you all of your sales materials for Free! You can be Self-Employed without being beholden to a Franchise for fees and royalties. Nothing Compares to Eat Leasing!

We have something very special here, the likes of which the Business Opportunity World has yet to see, until now. As the innovators of the Business Rental Model, we invite you to become a part of our ground floor and be one of the Trailblazer’s that will become known to the world as “Rentrepreneurs”.

Eat Directories are a great opportunity for anyone that can sell but we are targeting specifically those of you that sell ads in coupon books, newspapers, penny savers and similar mediums. Why, because there is No Learning Curve… You know the Ad Sales ropes and because of that, you’re likely to start making money the very first day that you go out!

People love to research Restaurants online and in magazines… Restaurants advertise everywhere because they are all fighting for that same customer dollar.

Enter our Local Eat Directories that are unlike any online directory especially as we again Break New Ground by being the Only Place to Go for “At least 15% Off Favorite Restaurants, Guaranteed!”


* With the Enterprising Plan, You Keep All of Your Sales
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Who wouldn’t want to use an Eat Directory and save at least 15% before Dining Out? This marketing angle of consistently great discounts will make for Loyal users and advertisers alike.

We offer No Reviews for Restaurant owners to worry about. They simply advertise why they’re Great and Offer Coupons, all for a couple of dollars per day! Operating one directory can earn you a nice living… Multiple directories can earn you a really nice living and the investment level is incredibly reasonable… It’s time that you work for yourself and steer your own destiny instead of letting the cards fall where they may.

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