How It Works



How it Works…An Eat Directory allows you to be in business for yourself without the typical outlay to start your own business.

Here’s why this idea is so phenomenal…

Each Directory has a Respectable Annual Gross Income Potential. One person can “sell” as many Directories as they can manage. See analysis HERE

You have the opportunity to operate multiple area directories and increase your income dramatically.

You would form your own company with your own company name
as an LLC, Corporation, sole proprietor; whatever you choose.

You will be leasing your local Eat Directory from us for Only $450. per month, with No Hidden Charges.

The local Eat Directory Name is dictated by the area. For example, if you are leasing the Eat Directory for Durham, NC, the Directory name would be – Your Company would be the exclusive agent for – Your Name and Your Company Name will appear on the Forms, Website, Business cards, etc.

When you sell an ad, payment is made to You or Your company directly. You keep all of the money, it’s Your Business entirely, Your Books, Your Bank account.

Ads are designed by for a flat $25. per ad.
An ad is ready to proof within 48 hours* of receiving instruction.

(* Monday to Friday – Holidays Excluded)

After approval, the ad will be uploaded to the directory the same day or next day
(Monday to Friday – Holidays Excluded)
You will in essence have your own Art Department at your disposal!